Calvi, Az. Viti. di Calvi Davide

Italy / lombardy

Producer Info

Originally from Bergamo, there have been Calvis making wine in the heart of Lombardy’s historical Buttafuoco DOC zone – part of the larger Oltrepò Pavese region – in the comune of Castana, since the 1600s. Indeed, Davide is the fourteenth generation Calvi to do so. And in keeping with family tradition, Davide’s father Valter – as his father had done – handed over ownership of the cantina to his son in 2009, upon Davide’s graduation from agricultural school Gallini di Voghera & enological Cattolica di Piacenza, followed by a doctorate in enologia from Torino. At which point Davide decided to head off to gain further experience, working in Bolgheri (Guado al Tasso) & in Montalcino (Banfi)!

Unusually for the region, Davide’s family have never owned animals, but always focused on the grape; that said, Davide & his wife do have a couple of maiale for making their own, unsalted, salami! The family is focused on the production of Buttafuoco DOC, which they began bottling back in the 1950s, & yet it was Davide who started bottling their inaugural Pinot Nero Metodo Classico in 2012 – in keeping with the tradition of making Spumante in the Oltrepò Pavese (back to the 19th century).

They own 10ha in the original Buttafuoco zone, that lies due south of Broni & Stradella, in the comune of Castana – a comune famous for its arenaria/white sandstone soils – planted at altitude with Croatina (50%), Barbera (30%), Ughetta di Canneto (10%) & Uva Rara (10%) for Buttafuoco, but also they produce wines from Riesling Italico (non-aromatic), Pinot Nero, Bonarda, Malvasia & Cortesia. Their top vineyard for making Buttafuoco ‘storico’ is vigna Montarzolo, all 0.6ha; the first annata of which was 1996.

And being located in what is still referred to as ‘l’Antico Piemonte’ – for the region was once part of the Savoia kingdom until Italian reunification in 1861 –  the family also make a (Buttafuoco) Chinato di Montarzolo!


Riesling Italico ‘Kantaros’

Pinot Nero ‘Marion’



Buttafuoco DOC

Buttafuoco DOC ‘Don Angelo’

Buttafuoco DOC vigna Montarzolo