Dante Rivetti

Italy / piedmont

Producer Info

Press recognition: http://www.danterivetti.com/riconoscimenti/

The Rivetti family cantina, located in the small village Bricco di Neive (or Naevia, as the Romans called it), were the sixteenth producer to be awarded the honour of bottling Barbaresco in 1959! However it wasn’t until 1972 that Dante embarked on more serious commercial bottling.

The 1990s saw the cantina expand from their Bricco di Neive roots, buying up the cascinas of Rivetti, Micca & in Costigliole d’Asti. The estate has now grown to 60 hectares, of which 15ha is planted to Moscato (supplemented with bought-in fruit), while 18ha is devoted to Nebbiolo.

Bric Micca’s sandy marine soils breed pretty, fruity fragrant, sandalwood Barbarescos (planted in 1997), while the older whiter, ‘formazione di Lequio’ clay calc soils of Bricco di Neive, along with deeper-rooted older vines, give a more structured, profondo, quinine-spice Barbaresco. Micca, & part of Bricco di Neive, is planted at a higher density of c. 7,000 plants/ha, thereby forcing the plants to compete among themselves & naturally lowering the yields as a consequence. The estate no longer uses herbicides.

They also make a fine Langhe Arneis from the Bricco di Neive, a pair of neat 100% Pinto Nero Metodo Classico spumanti & of course a gelato-esque Moscato d’Asti.

Dante & his wife Luciana have been joined by their children Ivan (since 1996), Katia & Mara. Donato Lanati consults.



Langhe Arneis ‘Briccodoro’
Langhe Nebbiolo
Barbaresco Bric’Micca, Neive
Barbaresco Riserva Bricco di Neive
Brut Metodo Classico ‘Ivan’
Moscato d’Asti ‘Riveto’


Tasting Notes

2016 Langhe Arneis ‘Briccodoro’ – from fine Bricco di Neive sandy soils (not unlike the Roero’s!), sealed with a stevin cap, this is an expertly made, lime flower & calc minerally Arneis with a salty lick!

2016 Langhe Nebbiolo – tasted Oct’18, bottled May’18, as you might expect from the vintage: bright & tight, energetico, racy rose cream crunch…

2015 Langhe Nebbiolo – compared with the cool spice of 2014, vintage 2015 is very much on the ripe red fruit, it gleams with strawberry intensity, with rose fragrance/essence, classic, resolved soft tannins, composed, from their Bricco di Neive vyd.

2015 Barbaresco Bric’Micca, Neive – tasted Oct’18, aged in c.25% tonneaux: glistening, pretty red/rose, ripe agrumato/citrus, agile, creamy, seductive sandy marine red fruit…

2014 Barbaresco Bric’Micca, Neive – bottled July ’17, tasted Sept’17: Ivan chose to wait in 2014, & has been rewarded with a very complete & complex 2014; approx. 10 days on the skins, then 24 mths in 50% tonneaux/50% botti grandi. Barbaresco fared better than Barolo in 2014, thanks to its drier climate away from the Tanaro. Bric’Mica, being 360m asl high facing SW, on the border of Mango, Neviglie e Neive, has a particularly benign climate, open to a big sky & drying breezes. No surprise then that the 2014 has a pretty raspberry red garnet colour; notably presente!, with perfumed raspberry, rose & cinnamon spice aromas, engaging, slender & fun! Fleshy to taste, the light marine sand also contributes to the finest of tannins, yet remains fresh, fleshy & intricate. Suave, fluido, hints of mandarin/orange peel, still quite tight, but already keen to please. Salty.

2013 Barbaresco Bric’Micca, Neive – 14%, from their 5ha single Micca plot that lies at the top (Bric) of the vineyard overlooking Neviglie. Planted in 1997, they first bottled Bric’Micca in vintage 2000, now ageing it  in a mix of 60% botte grange & 40% French barriques for 36 months. The fine sandy tilth, altitude & aspect gives a rose red & peachiness (Villero?!), pale red cherry, the finest of tannins, delicate, soffice/soft, fluid..

2010 Barbaresco Bric’Micca, Neive – 14%, notably cooler, more quinine, lower Ph/limpid/transparent, delicate, refreshing, more orange skin & clove/tobacco, very elegant…

2007 Barbaresco Bric’Micca, Neive – Floris soap fragrance, fresh white stone whiff, sweet spice & sandalwood, refined, delicate, fluid, soft…

2006 Barbaresco Bric’Micca, Neive – classic 2006 with its darker colour, sotto bosco/forest floor fruit, leaf litter, earthiness, broad black licorice, tamarindo, a generous fleshy texture, suave, quinine spice…

2005 Barbaresco Micca, Neive – so typical of this underrated 2005 vintage: 14%, carina, soft, red, dreamy, mixed spice & sandalwood notes, cool crunch, pert red fruit, quinine, lovely crochante fruit, alive with cassis, it just flows, so refined & salty….

2003 Barbaresco Micca, Neive – the 6yo young vines appear to have been burnt by the withering 2003 heat…

2013 Barbaresco Riserva Bricco di Neive – tasted oct’18, talc fresh, sapid,, pretty, detailed fruit, cool crunch, red cherry stone finish

2012 Barbaresco Riserva Bricco di Neive – bottled July’17, tasted Sept’17: such a marked difference compared to the Bric’Micca ’14, tasted alongside! Darker, typical 2012 garnet hue; the nose is deeper, piu profondo, with distinct cologne, balsam oil (balsamic), essential oil (tea tree?), forest floor, tamarindo, clove even (compared to Bric’Micca’s raspberry essence); intriguing, complex, cupo, forest litter leaves, distinct tannic structure but also more cleansing, energetic but withdrawn for now. Needs time.

2011 Barbaresco Riserva Bricco di Neive – from around the cantina itself, on calc rich sandy soils, made from 60 yo vine fruit, there’s an all together cooler, more tonic-like feel to this wine, suggesting a lower pH, brighter acidity & a more structured feel…hence justifying the Riserva label. Peach skin, notable clove/quinine/speziato (spicy) notes; more tannic too but in a reassuring way, as there’s decidedly more grip, & a sense of cleansing, watery purity to the wine, despite the warm vintage. A tonic for the troops!

2009 Barbaresco Riserva Bricco di Neive – 20% barrique aged, 80% botte, very much in keeping with the vintage: richer, piu grasso, sunny, clove spice, lots of bright red fruit, sumptuous, quinine, a pearl of red cassis at its core…

2007 Barbaresco Riserva Bricco di Neive – notable frutta secca, datteri, fig, yet remains compact & composed; palate’s very ripe, indeed over, with sweet, dolce, red fruit, seamless but warm!

2001 Barbaresco Riserva Bricco di Neive – dark autumn leaves, black truffly notes, sweet scent of dried fruit, potpourri, freschezza, alive, detail…

1999 Barbaresco Riserva Bricco di Neive – botte grande, cool, feinherb, clove chestnut, cardamom, tea, curry powder, dried fruit, herbs, suave red complexity, recalls 2010, suave, joyful, sandy texture, delicate, nuanced, long…..wow!

1995 Barbaresco Riserva Bricco di Neive – botte grande, notably ripe fruit, cassis, chestnut, sapid, rose red fruit, suave…

1990 Barbaresco Riserva Bricco di Neive – lifted cologne/quinine freshness, speziato, ginger root, chestnut (botte?), refreshing, taut, chiselled…

1989 Barbaresco Riserva Bricco di ‘Neusis’ – dense, dark black tar, sotto bosco, cleansing, autumnal leaves, refreshing, cool menthol/cologne, cold tea, very good…delizioso direi!

1990 Barbera d’Alba, Bricco di Neive – served blind, proof if proof were needed of the quality of the Bricco di Neive vineyard, as demonstrated by this gorgeous Barbera! Syrupy ripe, datteri notes, yet so refreshing with that telltale Bricco cleansing character & super suave fruit. Still so alive & fresh. Wow!!

2016 Moscato d’Asti ‘Riveto’ – a gelato/ice-cream Moscato (as opposed to a sorbet one!), due to the blend of fruit from the villages of Bricco di Neive & Mango…& boy does it taste of mangoes!! Very good.