Famiglia Anselma

Italy / piedmont

Producer Info

Maurizio Anselma & his mother Giovanna own 51ha of Langhe vineyards & 19ha woods, of which 36ha are dedicated to the growing of Nebbiolo da Barolo in the comunes of Barolo, Monforte d’Alba & Serralunga d’Alba, & the rest is planted to Dolcetto. The fruit has been vinified at their impressive cantina deep under ground in the village of Barolo since 2002.

Giovanna’s family, Fessia, is originally from the Roero village of Monticello, where they are grocers. Maurizio’s father’s family, Anselma, came from Monforte d’Alba. Indeed the Family Anselma used to own the Rocche di Manzone estate, before Maurizio’s grandfather, Saverino, sold it in the 1960s. The Anselma’s first vintage/label was released in 1974. Between 2001 & 2005 Maurizio was schooled at the prestigious Bocconi University in Milan, then lived in Iowa, USA, before returning to take over from his father as winemaker in 2008. Vanna looks after the vines, & is very much responsible for quality control.

Over the past four decades, the Anselma family have been procuring vineyards little by little: in 1976 San Giovanni di Monforte (2ha bought for the equivalent of €5,000!), ’78 Mosconi, ’85 Gianetto & Lazzarito, ’88 & ’89 Bussia & Le Coste, They also own a plot in Ravera di Monforte d’Alba.

Their Barolo Famiglia Anselma, is a blend of fruit from all three communes (Barolo, Monforte d’Alba, Serralunga d’Alba) & has been produced since 1993.

In 2007 they released their range of single, menzione geografiche aggiuntive MGA/cru Barolos (Mosconi, Le Coste, Bussia, & Lazzarito). Vintage 2007 was also the year in which Maurizio began incorporating a percentage of whole bunch into their fermentations.

While in 2011 they launched three single comune Barolos: del comune di Barolo, di Monforte d’Alba, & di Serralunga d’Alba. They also produce a Barolo Bussia vigna Pianpolvere, & a blended Barolo Riserva of all their MGA vineyards: ‘Adasi’.

They seek to produce wines that are, in their own words: “faithful to the soul of Barolo“.





Langhe Rosso

Barolo del comune di Barolo

Barolo del comune di Monforte d’Alba

Barolo del comune di Serralunga d’Alba

Barolo ‘Famiglia Anselma’

Barolo Bussia, Monforte d’Alba

Barolo Le Coste, Monforte d’Alba

Barolo Mosconi, Monforte d’Alba

Barolo Lazzarito, Serralunga d’Alba

Barolo Bussia vigna Pianpolvere

Barolo Riserva ‘Adasi’

Tasting Notes

2017 Langhe – as tasted on Thursday 17th January & 16 July 2019
95% Dolcetto, 5% Nebbiolo from their Monforte vineyards of Sant’Anna (in front of Ravera) & Mosconi (looking at Boscareto), 100% whole bunch, broad, emphatic, violet scented, juicy, fragant, sapid & refreshing (ly different!). Peppery, curry even…a great advert for Langhe Rosso.
2016 Langhe Nebbiolo – as tasted on Tuesday 16 July 2019
Predominantly from their Gianetto vineyard in Serralunga d’Alba, the 2016 vintage expression is very bright, coiled, energetic, with glistening, cranberry cool red berried fruit. Pulsating.
2013 Barolo del comune di Barolo 
From their San Pietro & La Volta vines that surround the cantina, co-fermented. Warm transparent red; soft, pretty, white spice, sandalwood & strawberry, suave, open, seductive, refreshing. Up to 50% whole bunch.
2013 Barolo del comune di Serralunga d’Alba
Essentially a single vineyard, single village Barolo! The fruit from the family’s Gianetto vineyard (opposite Lazzarito, on the Montelupo side), hence the bright red, lifted rosehip, little red berries, rosa canina notes. Very bright & distinctly Serralunga with its salty, fine, dried rose fragrance & zip!
2014 Barolo ‘Famiglia Anselma’ – as tasted on Tuesday 16 July 2019
Another example of a great (series of) 2014 Barolo, starting with this the family’s key wine that blends across Barolo, Monforte & Serralunga d’Alba; the sum of the parts. And such is the quality of the fruit in 2014 that Maurizio & his mother Giovanna chose to employ 100% whole bunch! Deep in colour, the nose is tight, an uplifting core of cranberry fruit, with anchovy freshness & sapidity, the three village expressions still tightly interwoven at this point….brimming with nervous energy, a thoroughbred, chomping at the bit.
2013 Barolo ‘Famiglia Anselma’ 
The family’s flagship wine, with vintages back to 1993, this is a classic Barolo blend, combining fruit from the villages of Barolo, Monforte d’Alba & (40%) Serralunga d’Alba; co-fermented & employing nearly 100% whole bunch for approx. 24-35 days. As you might expect, it’s more complex & closed compared to the single village Barolos, the nose is compact with little red ‘bonbons’ fruit, along with a suggestion of grass/fieno/menthol. Aged for up to 36 mths in botti grandi. Benchmark ++
2011 Barolo ‘Famiglia Anselma’
Despite the warm vintage, & heat in August, Maurizio has skilfully managed to keep the freshness in this wine, thanks no doubt to the blend of villages, notably the Serralunga d’Alba component, & due to co-fermenting the parts with close to 100% whole bunch. Better decanted, it’s very elegant & refined. Classic Barolo from this lighter vintage.
2014 Barolo Mosconi, Monforte d’Alba – as tasted on Tuesday 16 July 2019
As with the Barolo ‘Famiglia Anselma’, 100% whole bunch Nebbiolo fruit was used in the ferment. Unlike the ‘Famiglia Anselma’, their Barolo Mosconi has a very distinct, unique character that owes much to the pale, calc white Formazione Lequio soils of Serralunga just across the valley (that separates Serralunga from Monforte). Little surprise then that their 2014 Barolo Mosconi is paler & perfumed, with an esile/ethereal cadence, lot of ripe red berried fruit, it’s distinctly charming, with a wonderful flow & divine texture…yet intensely driven at the same time.
2013 Barolo Mosconi, Monforte d’Alba 
Giovanna & Maurizio own a fine plot, planted in the 1980s, high up at circa 450m asl, ESE facing across the steep valley that separates Monforte from Serralunga d’Alba. Here the soil share many of the characteristics & attributes of Ginestra further down the escarpment, with grey sandy marls. As a result the harvests tend to be later the the pH lower. Pale red, the nose is coiled, cool with mentholated, bright lampone, Chambolle esque scent, fine (Ginestra) tannins, very elegant, graceful, refined…fermented with circa 50% whole bunch fruit.
2013 Barolo Bussia, vigna Pianpolvere, Monforte d’Alba 
Planted only in 2003, this is their debut annata! Their plot is located in arguably the vineyard’s prime position: at 380m asl, facing WSW, just off the Castiglione to Monforte road. Giving little away, understandably, it’s tight, multi-faceted, white stone stretto, classic Pianpolvere tannins, austere…
2014 Barolo Lazzarito, Serralunga d’Alba – as tasted on Tuesday 16 July 2019
This packs a punch: an indefatigable Barolo if ever there was one! From one of Serralunga’s top/Grand cru vineyards, that lies bang in the middle of the comune/ridge, just below the castello, with Giovanna & Maurizio’s parcel facing east towards their Gianetto vines. So different in all ways from the slender, charming Mosconi! Lazzarito has both the presence, brine-like  minerality, it’s so complete – emboldened by 65 yo vines – but at the same time tightly interwoven. Tingling red berries, spice & sandalwood, there’s real flesh on those sinewy Serralunga bones, profondo, with inimitable cranberry crunch…wow!
2013 Barolo Lazzarito, Serralunga d’Alba 
Giovanna & Maurizio’s plot lies on the eastern versante of this important Serralunga d’Alba cru, not far from the cemetery. From 60+ yo vines, it still remains tight, yet beautiful, a swirl of red, racy wild strawberry crunch. Unsurprisingly, it’s tightly wound, a mesh of minerals, salty, pinched, & tiny red fruit.