Antica Cascina dei Conti di Roero

Italy / piedmont

Producer Info

The Antica Cascina was once part of the feudal estate belonging to the noble Roero family, present in the region between 14th & 18th centuries. More recently it was the property of the famous coffee merchant, Deorsola of Torino, before being bought by current owner Daniela Olivero’s family in 1957. From being a traditional ‘fattoria’ (farm), growing a variety of crops & raising cattle, in 1975 the Antica Cascina dei Conti di Roero took the decision to focus 100% on the vine. The 1980s saw the first commercial bottling of the wines, & in 1995 the then 8ha property passed to Daniela Olivero & her husband Luigi Roagna.

The estate now measures 13ha, of which 70% lies in the comune of Vezza d’Alba, 20% in Canale, & 10% in Monteu Roero. Key menzione geografiche aggiuntive (MGA) are Sant’Anna, where the cantina is located, & Sru, a cru that’s closer to Canale. Marine sand over marne dominates the Vezza d’Alba & Monteu Roero geology, while Canale (Sru) is more clay rich. The average age of the Nebbiolo vines is 30yo (for Nebbiolo d’Alba), while the Roero DOCG Vigna Sant’Anna comes mainly from a 1ha plot planted in 1954.

They focus on producing Roero Arneis ( from Vezza d’Alba & Canale), Langhe Favorita (Vezza d’Alba & Canale), Nebbiolo d’Alba (Vezza d’Alba), Roero DOCG (Monteu Roero & Vezza d’Alba). In vintage 2018 they will be producing a single vineyard Roero Arneis from the Sru vineyard close to Canale.

Daniela & Luigi adhere to ‘The Green Experience’ ( that promotes green, eco-friendly, sustainable viticulture (promotes biodiversity, respect for the soils, no chemical weeding, conservation of birds & insects, traceability)

And in 2019 Daniela & Gigi were joined by ‘Oliver’, an English Setter!



Langhe Favorita, Vezza d’Alba & Canale

Roero Arneis, Vezza d’Alba 

Roero Arneis vigna Sru, Canale

Barbera d’Alba, Vezza d’Alba

Nebbiolo d’Alba, Vezza d’Alba

Roero DOCG vigna Sant’Anna, Monteu Roero