Italy / basilicata

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The Lucano family of Carbone is located in Melfi, Basilicata, close to the stunning Norman & subsequently Anjou & Swabian castle, in an ancient cellar hewn out of the black lava rock, they first planted Aglianico vines in the 1970s. Up until vintage 2005, & as was the tradition in the area, the family sold their fruit off; in their case it was to then famous cantina of Paternoster.

Since 2005, Sara and her brother Luca have bottled their fruit themselves; initially with the help of Sergio Paternoster as consultant, but then on their own from vintage 2015. They focus their energy on 8 hectares planted in the sooty black, potassium rich, volcanic ash soils vineyards of the Aglianico del Vulture DOC(G). Their key vineyards are: 40 year old vine, masale selection Piani dell’Incoronata at 550 mtrs asl; Monte Lapis (also planted in the 1980s); & 2009 clone-planted Braida at 560m asl, on clay & volcanic dust. Vinification takes place in stainless steel, with affinamento/elevage in used and new French barrique and tonneaux, before returning to stainless-steel.

They produce three Aglianico del Vulture wines: the first, ‘400 Some’ after the 400 mules belonging to King Carlo d’Angio of Southern Italy; predominantly from Monte Lapis & Braida fruit aged in predomoninantly 300 french oak barrels. The second: ‘Stupor Mundi’, celebrating the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II (1194-1250), from Piani dell’Incoronata fruit only, aged for 12/15 months in 500 litre used French tonneaux. And the third Aglianico is a Riserva DOCG Stupor Mundi’, first made in vintage 2011, aged for 2 years in tonneaux, & released for sale in autun of the 5th year. They also make a Fiano Basilicata Bianco!

Fruit of the chocolate brown volcanic soils that surround Monte Vulture, this is classic damson & graphite, full-bodied, fresh & authentic Aglianico del Vulture at its very best.

From 2012 conversion in biologico/organic, certified in 2015 by Assoc. Suolo e Saluta


Aglianico del Vulture DOC ‘400 Some’, Melfi

Aglianico del Vulture DOC ‘Stupor Mundi’, Melfi

Aglianico del Vulture Riserva DOCG ‘Stupor Mundi’ DOCG, Melfi

Fiano Bianco Basilicata IGT, Melfi

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